We need PRO/CON comments on this new clause.

The Voice has learned that an indemnification clause was added to the ARC form when ARC requests go to the HOA. We are suspicious of why and how this happened, especially since it affects all homeowners in the Beacon Hill community. It was just done without member input. We have learned that a nonmember, let’s call him Andrew, has been allowed to “attend” and participate in the monthly HOA Zoom meetings. This is against Board Policy. At a recent Zoom meeting near the end of 2022 Andrew suggested that the HOA adopt an indemnity policy to the ARC application and the HOA did without any input from the larger Beacon Hill community. So, Beacon Hill has been here for 40 years with the same Management Company and same HOA attorney for about 20 years, and they did not suggest it and a nonmember suggests it and it is done without member input.


The Voice wonders if this was such a great idea why does it come up from a nonmember and did NOT come from the HOA attorney and/or Management Company or the various lawyers who have been on the HOA board over the years?

We do not know Andrew’s motivation, but the Voice just learned that Andrew was just involved in a difficult remodel where he faced an indemnification issue with the city of Laguna Niguel. Andrew and his significant other decided not to deal with it, so they modified their plans and went on with the significant remodel. So instead of being happy or content or satisfied they decided to leave a time bomb for the rest of Beacon Hill members.

This just in. The Voice has learned that the city of Laguna Niguel does not use the indemnification clause for normal transactions. But the Beacon Hill HOA has decided to use this clause for everyday events.


The Voice would like members’ input as to their views on the pros and cons of having this policy and the process in which it was proposed and implemented without member input. They just did it.

Please contact the HOA with any concerns.

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Please contact the HOA if you think a more consistent policy should be observed and communicated to members.

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