Bids to decorate the entrance ways to Beacon Hill for Christmas were up to $10,000. 2 board members (Tony Salay and Mike Martin) spent $500.00 and decorated the areas themselves. A BIG THANK YOU from the voice.


When is the tree trimming starting?

The Voice would like to know the schedule of the tree trimming. Where the trimming starts and step by step where it will end.

The new tree policy that started during COVID has members paying for new trees to be planted. How much money has been collected? Has the money been spent? Where are the new trees?


Have you noticed the sidewalk repair along Ridgeway?

Have you wondered who paid for it?

It was caused by HOA tree roots by both Beacon Hill Planned and Bear Brand.

The Voice inquired and even though is was caused by the 2 HOA’s The city of Laguna Niguel paid for fixing it.

The Voice thinks that the HOA should do walk throughs hopefully noticing and fixing these hazards and not dump its responsibily on the city taxpayes.


The voice has learned of 2 lawsuits filed by members against the HOA. The Voice wonders about the effort made by the HOA to mediate the situation to avoid the lawsuits.


In response to the Indemnity Clause

So, the Board is so uncertain about the defensibility of their approvals that they add an indemnification clause so they can absolve themselves of responsibility for their own decisions? Then what’s the point of going through the motions of submitting a project for approval?


Love needed along Ridgeway


The voice has noticed that 4 of the 5 members on the view committee live in homes that do not have views but who have been given the power to make the decision what a “reasonable” obstruction is. How were these members chosen? What special credentials do they have?

Would you put members on the pool committee who do not use the pool?


At the August HOA zoom meeting a member asked AGAIN why the Board spent $2,500 to reinstall story poles on a home that had already had ARC approval. Again, no answer was given.

Members are asking about the family pool shutdown. Shut down in August? No information posted.

Trees near the spa and showers drops these pods that are painful. Most member are barefoot when approaching the spa and showers. Maybe consider replacing the trees and having someone sweep the area each day.


The mens restroom at the MT Vernon pool is still closed. Seems like 6 to 8 months now. What is the issue? Lack of funds?


It was brought to our attention that of the 5 members 3 were appointed at one point. Of those 3, 2 members were appointed in the last 6 months. 1 was elected when there were 2 spots open and only 2 candidates were running. The most recent election produced the newest elected board member who received the most votes of the 4 candidates running for 3 spots.


At the July HOA zoom meeting a member asked why the Board spent $2,500 to reinstall story poles on a home that had already had ARC approval. No answer was given.


The Voice was sent more pictures from the former adult pool. Also, the lights in the men’s rest room do not come on.

No Sink near shower at Mt Vernon pool. 6/2023 May have been like this for years.

Drainage near shower at Mt Vernon pool. Mosquito breeding ground???


The Voice has also been flooded with emails of disgust about the pool restrooms.

The Voice suggest that you flood the HOA management with your concerns. The Voice is aware that many members think that concerns sent to Dana Pacific do not always reach the master board. So, the Voice suggests you attend the next Zoom meeting and let the Board hear directly from you.

REQUESTS 6/10/2023

The Voice is getting many requests to sign up for the voice.

We are not there yet and may not get there. We will make an effort. This is a huge task. The Voice would hope that you put our link on your calendar to visit maybe every week or every other week. You could also cut out the code on the flyer that was mailed to you at great expense and tape it on your refrigerator.


The Voice has been flooded with questions about Calvinball? We are saddened that this is not well known. Failure of the schools or family? You decide.

“Calvinball” is a game invented by Calvin [of the Calvin and Hobbes comic] in which one makes the rules up as one goes along. Rules cannot be used twice. No Calvinball game is like another.  Maybe this is what the HOA means when is says that decisions will be decided on a “case by case basis”

For a fuller explanation see the Calvinball tab in the header menu.

We apologize for our poor attempt at humor but what the Voice is seeing is sickening and is our way of coping.


The Voice has received several emails about pickleball.

We are interested in having temporary pickleball nets installed on one of Beacon Hill tennis courts. Niguel Shores, Rancho Niguel, Marina Hills are among other local associations with pickleball courts added to existing tennis courts. Does anyone else have an interest in pursuing this?

Temporary courts are when the tennis court is left intact. Pickle ball nets on rollers are added. These nets are able to be moved to use the court for tennis OR pickle ball.

If you are interested, please contact Lisa Debowski

Thank you,

The Voice

MEMBER 6/7/2023

First, the kudos:  IMHO, the Beacon Hill Planned landscape is lovely. The two pools we use (Mt Vernon and Ridgeway) are pristine. And I’m relieved to know the Board is going to work with the OCFA re better fuel mod as we are surrounded on 3 sides by dry canyons and Niguel Road with its explosive eucalyptus trees.

Now my concerns: 
1.  Failure to enforce section  IV. Vehicle Parking Rules # 4.05. which states, “No …campers…and no truck over 3/4 ton…shall be permitted to remain within the community.”

      I have reported a camper/rv mounted on a THREE TON  Ford FX Off Road 350 dual cab which is continually parked on Mt Vernon. The management company is mistakenly thinking that it is not an HOA problem as it is a public street. WRONG.

That scofflaw signed and is legally bound by the court-enforceable CC&R’s which clearly state his camper is not allowed in the community except for ACTIVE loading/unloading. Whether the street is public or not is utterly irrelevant. The camper is not to be stored in the Beacon Hill Community!  No other HOA in Laguna Niguel, with the same CC&R’s, tolerates it.

2.  I notified the management company about a broken up concrete water valve box with the metal cover cast aside. It a liability and has been there for the 2 years we’ve lived here. It has now become an unofficial holding spot for bagged dog poo. It is located on the triangular lawn along the sidewalk on the path to the Ridgeway pool and the Mt Vernon pool. Someone needs to follow through on that.


Great feedback! 

The pools are fantastic but check the bathrooms.

The issue about the large vehicles has been brought up to the HOA in a recent ZOOM meetings and the HOA seemed to lack concern. Please contact the HOA and remind them that the CC&R’s 8.18 covers this. The Voice is under the understanding that Board members are elected to enfore the CC&R’s.

The Voice agrees with you.

Our experience with the HOA is that you have to keep on it and have as many members as possible let them know.

There is a new master board member who we think wants the HOA to address issues such as this.

We know it’s frustrating, but this website/blog was created for such issues as yours.

Hang in there.

The Voice

Please contact the HOA with any concerns.

Please also email us at so we can keep track of member concerns.

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