We think the HOA minutes are incomplete and in particular fail to inform, enlighten, and inspire. They rarely mention member opposition to actions the board has taken such as the recently added indemnification clause or requirement. They do not fully explain what is discussed at the meetings. We would like to see more information given so that a member reading the minutes would know what issue was being discussed and what the arguments were for and against. We would also like to see the minutes from the ARC meetings and View committee minutes also posted on the HOA website. The ARC and View minutes have been requested by members. All requests for this information have been denied or ignored.

WHAT IS BEING HIDDEN? Where is the TRANSPARENCY needed to ensure member rights are being protected as well as home values?

If you agree please contact the HOA and let them know.

Please also email us at Beaconhillvoice1@gmail.com so we can keep track of member concerns.

HOA phone number   949-248-4300
Dana Pacific Management Services
32565 Golden Lantern B370
Dana Point, California   92629

If you would like to add any comments to this page or find something that is not accurate, please email us at Beaconhillvoice1@gmail.com