THE DRIVE HOME   Another reason to care about the view.

Maybe your home has a have a view you enjoy or maybe you don’t. But let’s say you are coming home from work, shopping, play or? You are driving down Golden Lantern, take a right on Beacon Hill Way and then a left on Ridgway. Notice the name Ridgway suggests a road that might that has a view off one side. So, coming down Ridgway you start to see the ocean about Richmond Hill off to the left. Then on to Copps and off to the left is the ocean except trees obstruct the view.   Then just before Alcott there could be a sweeping view of the ocean, but trees obstruct the view. Then Middleton then Tremount and tress obstruct the view of the ocean. Now as you go past the park area on the right and Ridgway turns left is a magnificent view of the ocean straight ahead but is almost completely obstructed by trees, mostly pine trees. Some 20 years ago, it was different. The HOA has allowed this to happen, but it can be reversed. So maybe you do not enjoy an ocean view when you get home, but wouldn’t it be nice if you enjoyed the view coming home like we used to.

To be clear the Voice loves trees but not when they obstruct members views, especially the ocean, and we are not suggesting that all trees be eliminated. It used to be different.

Guess what is behind these trees? Not godzilla. SEE BELOW

Would it be nice to see this view?

If you want your view back contact the HOA.

Please contact the HOA with any concerns.

Please also email us at so we can keep track of member concerns.

HOA phone number   949-248-4300
Dana Pacific Management Services
32565 Golden Lantern B370
Dana Point, California   92629

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