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The Beacon Hill Voice Neighborhood Forum is a platform for members of the Beacon Hill Planned Community Association in Laguna Niguel. It is brought to you at great expense by “The Voice.” This platform aims to foster open and transparent communication among neighbors, allowing them to share their thoughts, concerns, and insights related to our HOA board, and Association Management Company (Dana Pacific) and not any particular sub-association.

Transparency and open dialogue are crucial in community organizations like HOAs, as they help build trust and understanding among members. The voice hopes creating this alternative platform like the Beacon Hill Voice Neighborhood Forum can be a valuable addition, especially if the traditional HOA meetings are not providing the level of discussion and interaction that members seek. We called ourselves “The Voice” because we no longer have a voice the way the HOA zoom meetings are run. The HOA is now facing 2 lawsuits because of their intransigence. Is the HOA working in the community interest?

The HOA runs the monthly zoom meetings in a very ridged way avoiding all discussion. Little or no back and forth. If you were to read the minutes of any past zoom meeting, you could not always understand what was going on. Because of this lack of transparency dialogue the voice plans for this to be an alternative so members can be enlightened. We are rookies at this so please be patient. We are also your neighbors. Please share any stories, suggestions, or insights. These will be posted for all to see. This is a no Bully Zone unlike some monthly HOA Zoom meetings. Our mission is to pursue the good, the true and the beautiful.

The Beacon Hill Voice is your opportunity to share your thoughts and learn what your neighbors are thinking.  This is our community. 

We welcome your input. Please send to BeaconHillVoice1@gmail.com

Your name and address will remain anonymous unless you tell us otherwise.

All submissions will be reviewed and posted where applicable. All submissions will only be used for this website. What is posted may be edited (no names) and is at the discretion of the Voice. All opinions expressed are our own. This is a work in progress for the betterment of our community. Your neighbors need to hear your stories.


Please know that the CC&R’s call homeowners’ members.

If we use the word neighbor, we mean a homeowner or member.

When we use HOA, we mean the combination of the Master Board and the Management (Dana Pacific) company.

If we mean the Master Board, we will try to remember to make that clear.

All opinions expressed are those of the Voice.

This is a collaboration of many homeowners/neighbors who know that the HOA could make a much better effort in making our community better. We have our thoughts but are asking for your thoughts and suggestions. The Voice finds the HOA to be intransigent.

If you would like to add any comments to this page or find something that is not accurate, please email us at Beaconhillvoice1@gmail.com

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