What would be good wording for a view obstruction policy?


Here is a suggested wording for a view obstruction policy:

View Obstruction Policy

  1. Purpose The purpose of this policy is to ensure the preservation and enjoyment of unobstructed views for all residents and property owners within [name of community/organization]. It aims to maintain the aesthetic appeal and property values while respecting individual rights and privacy.
  2. Definition of View Obstruction A view obstruction refers to any structure, object, or vegetation that significantly blocks or impairs the scenic vistas from a property, causing a substantial reduction in the visual quality or enjoyment of neighboring properties.
  3. Guidelines for Construction and Landscaping 3.1 New Construction: a. All new construction projects must consider the potential impact on the views of neighboring properties. b. Builders and developers should design and orient structures in a way that minimizes view obstruction for adjacent properties. c. The height, scale, and placement of new structures should be thoughtfully planned to avoid unnecessary view blockage.

3.2 Landscaping: a. Property owners are encouraged to maintain trees, hedges, and other vegetation in a manner that does not unduly obstruct views. b. Regular trimming and pruning should be conducted to ensure the vegetation does not grow excessively and interfere with neighboring views. c. Planting new trees or shrubs should be done considering their potential impact on views, ensuring they are placed strategically and do not create significant obstructions.

  1. Review and Approval Process 4.1 View Impact Assessment: a. Prior to construction or major landscaping projects, a view impact assessment may be required. b. This assessment will evaluate the potential impact of the proposed changes on neighboring views. c. The assessment will consider factors such as height, location, and design, and provide recommendations for mitigating any potential obstructions.

4.2 Approval Process: a. Property owners undertaking construction or landscaping projects must submit plans to the [name of community/organization] for review and approval. b. The review process will assess compliance with the view obstruction policy and any applicable regulations. c. Modifications or conditions may be suggested to minimize view obstructions, ensuring a fair balance between individual property rights and community interests.

  1. Enforcement and Remedies 5.1 Compliance: a. Property owners are responsible for ensuring their structures and landscaping adhere to the view obstruction policy. b. Regular inspections may be conducted by the [name of community/organization] to monitor compliance and address any concerns.

5.2 Remedies: a. In the event of a view obstruction violation, the property owner may be required to make appropriate modifications or take remedial actions. b. If necessary, legal measures may be pursued to resolve persistent or unresolved view obstruction issues.

  1. Notification and Education The [name of community/organization] will provide education and awareness programs to inform residents about the importance of preserving views and the requirements of this policy. Regular communication and guidance will be provided to ensure clarity and understanding.
  2. Review and Revision This view obstruction policy will be periodically reviewed to assess its effectiveness and may be revised as deemed necessary by the [name of community/organization]. Input from residents and property owners will be sought during the review process.

Note: Please tailor the above policy to suit the specific needs and regulations of your community or organization.

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